After a late night and extensive day of exploring we all had the earliest start of the day so far and were required to meet in the hotel lobby ready for our Inditex visit at 4.30am! We departed discount mcm handbags our hotel at 5am to catch a flight on our favourite national airline, Iberia Air, who flew us from Madrid to La Coruna for our visit to the Inditex Group   Zara. Upon arriving to La Coruna and after adjusting to the drop in temperature we travelled in a coach and enjoyed the scenic rolling green hills and countryside that La Coruna had to offer. Upon arrival at Inditex, we could see straight away from simply the size of the buildings and property that we had just entered the head offices mcm backpack sale of Europe's largest fashion retailer. We were welcomed warmly by the Inditex staff and shown into a large comfortable auditorium where we got ready for our meeting. After a short introduction by our host, Jesus Echevarria, General Manager of Communication and Institutional Relationships, it was straight down to business. We learnt that Inditex stables 8 brands   Zara, Zara Home, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho Uterque and employs over 90,000 staff worldwide which man their 4,359 stores that are located in 73 countries. The Zara brand alone accounts for 1,540 stores. Inditex stand by its' five principles:

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